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Who we are?

Sulamista is a brand for embroidery lovers. The word Sulamista consists of two words: sulam and ista. Sulam is a famous word in South East Asia means embroidery whilst ista is a humorous suffix used to describe someone who is a strong fan or associated with a particular activity like fashionista. So, Sulamista means a strong fan of embroidery. is an online store selling creative embroidery products, personalized gifts, embroidered towels, corporate gifts, and etc. Sulamista was founded and established in 2013 and the business was registered with the name: Cerdik Network (PG-0297631-P). 

Sulamista strives to be the best creative embroidery provider simply by making our life meaningful with lovely embroidered stuff!

What do we sell?

Sulamista provides embroidery services. We offer many variations of designs to be embroidered on the products you love. We also do embroidery upon your personalization. Our famous products are embroidered towels for gifts, embroidery on t-shirts and corporate garments, nametag for schools' kids and many more. For embroiderer, we offer digitizing services upon your requests. Get us online or at our embroidery shop at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

We offer the best quality and unique embroidered products online which you'll hardly find in the market! One of our top selling product is personalized gifts. It is an embroidered towel with YOUR OWN name or custom texts. Just the perfect gift for your loved one!

Why choose us?

Quality Control

We ensure you that our main focus will be on the quality of the products. We will make sure that customers get the best quality from us and we serve customers as V.I.P.

Friendly Customer Service

We'll make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping. If they require our assistance during their shopping, we'll provide them the best support they can find online.

How to contact us?

If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hesitate to contact us! We can be contacted through the Contact Us page or simply send a WhatsApp message at +60194743202.
We'll get back to you within 24 hours.